Construction Document Review for Chicago’s Navy Pier Hotel & Rooftop Venue

Navy Pier Hotel at the east end of the pier is similar to Navy Pier Festival Hall, the  three bay 4 story steel and masonry structure, and consists of 7 story elements, bays, integrated and cut into the south elevation of the Festival Hall structure.  The three hotel bays have hotel rooms on floors 3 through 7 with single loaded rooms facing south. Each of these hotel bays on these hotel room floors contains 15 hotel rooms, two stairwells, two elevators and support spaces.  The three bays are connected at levels 1 and 2. Level 1 contains hotel lobby, reception and restaurant spaces.

Navy Pier Rooftop Venue:  The project mostly is a level 3 indoor venue with kitchen, indoor dining, private dining and support spaces as well as extensive outdoor spaces. There is work on levels 1 and 2 primarily associated with the entry and elevator access.