Owner’s Project Requirements

Basis of Design / Project Checklists and other QC Tools

Integral Consulting can assist Owners and Architects in the preparation and documentation of the owner’s project requirements, basis of design documents, project checklists as well other quality control tasks. Through all phases of the project, we can provide quality control services monitoring compliance with the owner’s project requirements. We can track and document issues and deviations from the owner’s project requirements and document status and resolutions.

Integral Consulting works with firms to develop design team objectives, task checklists and defined deliverables for each phase of a project. This approach assists firms in streamlining their project approach and client service.


  • Develop a quality management approach and process.
  • Develop project checklists for each project phase.
  • Develop design team objectives associated with project delivery, for each project phase.
  • Develop firm or project-focused guidelines and standards.
  • Assist in the development of detail libraries and other office standards.
  • Review the firm’s project planning elements, including design team manpower, project specific schedule, and project deliverables for entire team, including consultants.
  • Review project management procedures.