Peer Reviews / Document Audits

Unknown unknowns cause uncertainty that few project teams want. Integral Consulting provides peer review and document audit services to contribute a higher level of certainty to the project team. Peer reviews can be conducted at Schematic Design, Design Development or Construction Documents phases. We review:

  • Documents, including consultant drawings, specifications, and other materials, for completeness relative to the phase of completion.
  • Documents, including consultant drawings, specifications, and materials, such as geotechnical, acoustic, elevator, and security reports for project coordination. Project coordination includes coordination within the architectural drawings, of the architectural drawings with consultant documents, coordination between the structural, MEP/FP and other consultant drawings, and coordination between drawings and specifications of the various disciplines.
  • Architectural drawings and specifications for technical detailing, with an expertise in exterior envelope issues.
  • Drawings for code compliance and other performance criteria.

Download sample Peer Review.